28 Nov 2013

Anna and Kaja (German shepherd)

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Training of a „very aggressive” German shepherd whose behavioural problems had been diagnosed in a renowned ”dog training school. The final diagnosis in case of the German shepherd was: fear aggression towards other dogs. Months of training hadn’t changed anything. Various methdods had been applied, including shock collar (which in my humble opinion in case of such diagnosis shouldn’t have been used). Nothing had helped. Having observed the dog first, during our first meeting at Dog Training Centre Perra we decided to begin training which was specially desgigned for dogs with a similar temper. I wasn’t particularly surprised by the reaction of our dog. Our “aggressive” shepherd played with a labrador. The dog who had never had the opportunity to get to know another representative of the same breed, would become frustrated when on a leash, she would bark continuously, which was enough for “a specialist” to make the diagnosis mentioned above. Subsequent pulling and use of shock collar only aggravated this reaction. To make sure the reaction of our dog towards other dogs was proper, after each training she would meet another dog with whom she would play sparing their life at the same time :) I’m far from judging others, however, I think that the market itself and higher awareness of dog owners may verify our professionalism. Here’s the letter sent by Mrs Anna a few weeks after our training began.
“Good morning. It’s really good now. Kaja behaves better and better every single day. We started to trust each other. I’m not afraid to have her off leash on a meadow near my house anymore. I don’t let her play with other dogs, as many of them are very small and barking, but she comes on my command without any problems and we can relatively calmly go away, or even don’t notice them and play. Bigger dogs usually are walked by their owners in the evening. For the time being, I prefer to take her for a walk during the day. The owners of small dogs avoid us anyway, as they remember how she used to lose her temper not so long ago. I think that we’re making up fast our months of negligence.”

I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet Agnieszka and Adam who put their heart and soul into working with Zula, who despite fantastic predisposition had to face her problems connected with excessive excitement. It was a very interesting case with a happy end. Zula, an energetic female German shepherd, could have become an overexcitable dog full of energy which would never be used, which would make her nuisance for her owners both at home and outside, or she could have become a highly-trained dog. All that was possible due to her great gift, namely her temper. Thanks to Agnieszka and Adam’s engagement and determination we have another well trained dog completing her training at Dog Training Centre Perra. I’d like to thank you for such nice reference.
“We’d really like to recommend trainings at Dog Training Centre Perra conducted by Paweł Górecki who helped us understand the world of our dog Zula, a female German shepherd. Thanks to customer-oriented attitude we could systematically correct our dog’s behavioural problems and at the same time develop our dog’s obedience skills. Relatively early training (Zula was 6 months old) let us avoid strengthening improper behaviourof our puppy, which due to our lack of knowledge would be left unnoticed by us at the beginning. Nowadays, our communication with Zula is much easier and, above all, takes place in a much less nervous atmosphere. There is still a lot of work ahead of us but we’re confident that thanks to knowledge acquired during trainings our work will be nothing but joy and pleasure. Summing up our training at Dog Training Centre Perra, we may say that it was effective, fully professional, suited to our needs and always conducted in a pleasant atmosphere.”

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