A few words about protection training for you guys.
First of all protection training is not for every dog owner and also not for every dog.
Some times people ask me to provide protection training for them and their dogs and I have to decline.
A dog who begins protection training has to have perfect obedience skills and I need to know the owner pretty well. The best way to learn about a person and their dog is to build cooperation with each other by working together for example on an obedience course.
1st- Obedience training is extremely important to prepare the dog’s brain for the stressful work of protection training.
2nd- 80% of protection training is working on a dog’s self-control and obedience skills.
3rd- Temperament. A dog who is fearful, nervous or aggressive and does not have a good bond and working relationship with their owner should not train protection. A good candidate for protection training should be confident, balanced with a positive attitude to work and have trust in their owner.