If someone asked me what is the best way of training a dog, I would say individual training is number one.
1 on 1 doesn’t mean that we will be training your dog without other dogs, on the contrary, It means that when we start classes with other dogs we will be 100% prepared for it.
This is true especially if you have your first dog or a new puppy because if you are prepared to sacrifice a little bit more time at the beginning to learn the basics about your dog’s behaviour you will reap a great reward in the long term.

Also, this is an excellent opportunity to observe how a trainer works with a dog.
Of course, your dog needs interaction with other dogs, new people and places and you can provide this to your dog on every walk while keeping a few rules.

The most important rule is to adjust the play partner/environment to your dog’s needs. For instance, bringing a puppy to a dog park and allowing it interact with not well-socialized dogs would be a big mistake, but letting him interact with mature and stable dogs in a neutral environment would be a huge advantage.

More to the point a 1 to 1 class is more about giving dog owners the confidence to find the best way of training their dogs. Its about providing a few simple tools to the owner to help them better understand their dog’s behaviour which helps create a better learning environment for both dog and owner. After all the human needs more time to understand their dog’s behaviour than the opposite




Dog Training Perra K9 in Dublin, Malahide.
Dog’s drugs – barking, jumping, pulling, chasing…
I can say that 80 % of the people who come to my training come for these reasons.
The first step to stop your dog’s bad behavior is to understand the reason of this behavior. Is your dog constantly pulling on the lead? It means that your dog is frustraited. Why does frustration occur ? It is quite understandable when we imagine a situation in our life. If you live under stress for a long period you will be depressed/nervous and your body starts to produce the hormone of stress (cortisol) the same happens with a dog. The brain is looking to find a way to relieve the stress. People can produde dopamine and serotonin (hormone of happiness) when they go to the gym, jogging, meet with friends, have a beer or take drugs. This is why people are often addicted to some pleasure. The same happens with a dog and they produce the same hormone when they sniff, chasing cars/tails/dogs…, barking or jumping. Now you can imagine how your dog feels when is doing these all things. There is only one method to help to change this. First learn to understanding your dog’s needs, second build a good relationship and teach your dog how to reduce stress by doing some commands and playing with you. The third is to correct unwanted behavior.
Don’t let your dog take “dog’s drugs” and help your dog stay clean!



A few words about protection training for you guys.
First of all protection training is not for every dog owner and also not for every dog.
Some times people ask me to provide protection training for them and their dogs and I have to decline.
A dog who begins protection training has to have perfect obedience skills and I need to know the owner pretty well. The best way to learn about a person and their dog is to build cooperation with each other by working together for example on an obedience course.
1st- Obedience training is extremely important to prepare the dog’s brain for the stressful work of protection training.
2nd- 80% of protection training is working on a dog’s self-control and obedience skills.
3rd- Temperament. A dog who is fearful, nervous or aggressive and does not have a good bond and working relationship with their owner should not train protection. A good candidate for protection training should be confident, balanced with a positive attitude to work and have trust in their owner.

pawel i wafel

Olfaction is the most important sense for a dog. It is the first and last thing a dog will do in life.
– Information form sniffing comes to the same area of the brain which is responsible for emotion and feeling pleasure.Mantrailing is a great opportunity for an overreactive dog and it has huge benefits great for a dog with a fear of people and other dogs.

- During the trailing, the dog has to be focused on one activity and ignore all distractions. This gives dog enjoyment in a difficult environment.
– The dog learns concentration
– Self-confidence is the biggest reward. What the dog can achieve during the trail when following a human scent and to finally find the source (human) the dog learns to trust people and feel safe and relaxed around people.
– there is no age limit for the mantrailing training
– Mantrailing is a great way to build a bond between dog and owner.
– Mantrailing burns energy and lets the dog get tired pleasantly.
– In 20-30 minutes of mantrailing the dog is much more tired than after a few hours walk. 




Yes, its a dream come true!
When a puppy becomes the newest family member.
The best time to get a puppy is when it is 8 weeks old.
IMPRINTING (socialization) time is one of the most important times in its life and right now you are responsible for its behavior. When we talk about socialization we talk about a particular time period. For example, a human being has a 2 year time period for socialization. For a horse, socialization takes 48 hours and for dogs, it is its first 12-14 weeks.
Time is running out and your dog needs to know how to react in every situation so that in the future it knows how to correctly communicate with other dogs on the walk. The sound of traffic, cars, bikes, trucks, joggers is nothing to be afraid of that is why early exposure is so important.
You should know that for a dog the context of a situation is so important this is why we should let the dog learn in a very diversified environment with many distractions. In this small window of socialization, we must let the dog explore the world while they are able to interact with new situations and environments without fear.
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