If someone asked me what is the best way of training a dog, I would say individual training is number one.
1 on 1 doesn’t mean that we will be training your dog without other dogs, on the contrary, It means that when we start classes with other dogs we will be 100% prepared for it.
This is true especially if you have your first dog or a new puppy because if you are prepared to sacrifice a little bit more time at the beginning to learn the basics about your dog’s behaviour you will reap a great reward in the long term.

Also, this is an excellent opportunity to observe how a trainer works with a dog.
Of course, your dog needs interaction with other dogs, new people and places and you can provide this to your dog on every walk while keeping a few rules.

The most important rule is to adjust the play partner/environment to your dog’s needs. For instance, bringing a puppy to a dog park and allowing it interact with not well-socialized dogs would be a big mistake, but letting him interact with mature and stable dogs in a neutral environment would be a huge advantage.

More to the point a 1 to 1 class is more about giving dog owners the confidence to find the best way of training their dogs. Its about providing a few simple tools to the owner to help them better understand their dog’s behaviour which helps create a better learning environment for both dog and owner. After all the human needs more time to understand their dog’s behaviour than the opposite