Dog Training Perra K9 in Dublin, Malahide.
Dog’s drugs – barking, jumping, pulling, chasing…
I can say that 80 % of the people who come to my training come for these reasons.
The first step to stop your dog’s bad behavior is to understand the reason of this behavior. Is your dog constantly pulling on the lead? It means that your dog is frustraited. Why does frustration occur ? It is quite understandable when we imagine a situation in our life. If you live under stress for a long period you will be depressed/nervous and your body starts to produce the hormone of stress (cortisol) the same happens with a dog. The brain is looking to find a way to relieve the stress. People can produde dopamine and serotonin (hormone of happiness) when they go to the gym, jogging, meet with friends, have a beer or take drugs. This is why people are often addicted to some pleasure. The same happens with a dog and they produce the same hormone when they sniff, chasing cars/tails/dogs…, barking or jumping. Now you can imagine how your dog feels when is doing these all things. There is only one method to help to change this. First learn to understanding your dog’s needs, second build a good relationship and teach your dog how to reduce stress by doing some commands and playing with you. The third is to correct unwanted behavior.
Don’t let your dog take “dog’s drugs” and help your dog stay clean!